Christian Language Solutions

Translating for the Kingdom

Christian Language Solutions (CLS) is a Christian translation agency based in Kenya that was established out of the need to translate Christian materials into as many languages as possible with the overall goal of “making disciples out of all nations.” In order to achieve this goal, Christian Language Solutions partners with ministries as well as individuals who would like their Christian materials to have a wider ministry reach through translation. 

Many Christian ministries produce materials in a single language, only to realize that in some ministry contexts, their language of choice is not understood by the people they are trying to reach.

The language barrier can be a frustrating impediment to your goal of reaching more people with the gospel of Christ. This is where Christian Language Solutions comes in, as a provider of solutions to bridge communication gaps. Our translation agency specializes in different types of Christian translation services such as Christian book translation, video subtitles, voice-over, transcription, translation, sermon translation, Christian brochure translation, gospel tract translation, Christian apps and many more.